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Since Kindergarden (around 2010), we, John and Josiah have been friends. We first met in kindergarden, in the same class. We got along great together and it happened to be that we lived in the same neighborhood. We would go outside and play basketball, as we joined a rec team in the years following. We became closer through basketball and we had something in mind. A dream. Our dreams of wanting to own and operate a business together finally came true in 2022. We started J&J Detailing not just to fufill our dreams, but the dreams our customers had of having their car looking brand new again. We've spent months and even years working to develop a plan on how to operate this business and it worked out. We continue to strive for greatness for both ourselves, and our customers. Thank you for considering us to bring your car back to life :). If you have any questions about our story, please feel free to ask!

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